Research and Presentation Meetings

Research and Presentation

Scheduled topics and presenters:

Victoria Steel – Basic Linear Perspective

Emma Hirst – Types of Distortion in Photography

  • Date and Time – April 12, 2015 from 5pm to 8pm
  • LocationAni Art Academies Waichulis, Bear Creek, PA
  • Additional Info – Upon reserving your spot, any additional information will be emailed to the attendee
  • Limited Availability

Research and Presentation Group

How to Reserve Your Spot

If you may be in the area and would like to attend one of our presentation evenings please contact us. In the message, let us know that you would like to join us for our Research and Presentation Meetings. You will be notified as to available seating for that evening. The evenings will consist of 1-3 presentations (depending on time) and follow with Q&A or discussions on the evening’s topics.

About the Research and Presentation Meetings

Each month Ani Art Academy artists will choose a topic for research and will have one month to create a presentation. The lectures are free to attend. Any available materials from these presentations (documents, video, audio, etc…) will be made available for free on this website (