Lithograph Fine Art Prints

Over two dozen high-quality Lithograph prints

29 Lithograph Prints- $160.00 USD     

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery for all orders.
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29 High-Quality Lithographs of works by such artists as:

  • Cecilia Beaux
  • Vincent Van Gogh
  • Claude Monet
  • William McGregor Paxton
  • Sir Edward Poynter
  • Pierre Auguste Renoir and many more…

Paintings by Blinks, Waugh, and Hardy
Top: Thomas Blinks, Waiting for the Guns
Left: Frederick J. Waugh, 80 Degrees North
Right: Heywood Hardy, Girl Riding Side-Saddle

You Will Receive All of the Following Lithographs:

  • Emil Adam, Dornroschen, 27”x21”
  • Cecilia Beaux, Cynthia Sherwood, 21.5”x28”
  • Thomas Blinks, Waiting for the Guns, 31”x22”
  • Samuel John Lamorna Birch, Grey Morning, 32”x26”
  • Frank W. Bourdillon, When the Boats are Away, 28”x22.5”
  • Hans Brendekilde, Girls in a Meadow, 20”x18”
  • Karl Buehr, Le Dejeneur Sur L’Herbe, 27”x23”
  • Georges Fichefet, The Garden in Summer, 28”x21.5”
  • Vincent Van Gogh, The Tree, 28″x22″
  • Vincent Van Gogh, Bridge at Trinquetaille, 8”x22””
  • Albert Goodwin, The Garden, 34”x28”
  • Philip R. Goodwin, Crossing the River, 33.5”x22.5”
  • Abbott Fuller Graves, Peace and Sunshine, 24”x36”
  • Heywood Hardy, Girl Riding Side-Saddle, 21”x27”
  • Paul De Longpre, Lilacs and Dogwood, 35”x15.5”
  • Henri Martin, A Summer Garden, 25″x22″

Lesbia and Her Sparrow (detail) by Poynter
Sir Edward Poynter, Lesbia and Her Sparrow (detail)
Note: You will receive the full size 20”x25” print.

  • Alfredo Ramos Martinez, Las Flores, 24”x36”
  • Claude Monet, The Blue House, 28”x22”
  • Thomas Mostyn, Arcade by the Lake, 24”x36”
  • William McGregor Paxton, Lamplight and Daylight, 25”x31”
  • Sir Edward Poynter, Lesbia and Her Sparrow, 20”x25”
  • Odilon Redon,Wildflowers in a Long-Neck Vase, 24”x36”
  • Robert Reid, The Goldfish Bowl, 18”x28”
  • Pierre Auguste Renoir, La Serre (The Greenhouse), 29”x22”
  • F. Deborg Richards, James River, Virginia, 24”x36”
  • Alexandre M. Rossi, Forbidden Books, 21”x15”
  • Theo Van Rysselberghe, Racecourse at Boulogne-Sur-Mer, 28”x22”
  • Frederick J. Waugh, 80 Degrees North, 30”x24”
  • Wontner, Yasemeen (From Arabian Nights), 19.5”x31.5”

The Goldfish Bowl by Robert Reid
Robert Reid, The Goldfish Bowl

Packaging and Shipping

We take great pride in our packaging and shipping. Your prints will arrive in very durable tubes to guarantee safe transit. If for any reason there is a bend in ANY print ANYWHERE—let us know and we will immediately replace it.

Positive Feedback

It is Christmas in July here at The Academy of Fine Art! Our prints have arrived and they are beautiful! Thank you Anthony, Anya and all involved. I cannot wait to go through each one and spend time studying and enjoying them!

-Molly Bowman Johnson