Core Program

In 1998, renowned artist Anthony Waichulis began training aspiring Representational Artists with a very specific goal in mind: to achieve creative freedom through logic and discipline. His efforts would produce artists that are responsible for some of the most breathtaking drawings and paintings of today. His training program would focus on principles applicable to all venues of the Realist endeavor including Still Life, Landscape, Portrait, Figure, and Trompe L’oeil. While each Artist-in-Training develops their own unique voice, they all begin by learning a common, basic rudimentary language…a language of drawing.

Today, Anthony Waichulis is proud to share this program with you. Preserved in its entirety, Anthony and his artists will take you through each and every exercise they have experienced. With unwavering emphasis on essential fundamentals, procedural efficiency, and material dynamics, each exercise will bring you one step closer to true creative freedom.